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Gurukul Mentorship

The path you need for success

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Year Long Mentorship & Evaluation Program for Prelim, Mains and Interview

The problem YOU are facing.
Not solved by traditional coaching institutes

Understand why aspirants fail in IAS/OAS exam.

Knowing the book list, taking coaching, or having notes/study material is not sufficient to crack the IAS/OAS exam. Below are the common challenges aspirants face.


  • Unable to know the problem: You have been preparing for a long time but cannot qualify. Your coaching or syllabus was completed, but something is still missing that you could not crack the exam. First, you must know your problem.

  • Lack of planning: “By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail”. You fail to plan appropriately for 01 years, six months, months, weeks and day. Either you go too fast or too slow. Unable to maintain a balance between GS & Optional, Study & answer writing makes you underconfident and hampers your preparation. No plan for proper revision.

  • Lack of Consistency: You cannot concentrate for long or do not know how to maintain consistency.

  • Issue of time management: Struggling between study time and job. Unable to manage your time, you cannot finish the syllabus or unparalleled coverage, which makes your preparation incomplete.

  • No personal mentorship: Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and so do you. In a class of 200+ online and offline, your queries are not addressed. You do not have a mentor who understands you and motivates and guides you.

  • Lack of Answer writing: You may complete your reading, but it is challenging to put it into paper and answer questions. 

  • No test performance analysis: They say your score is low and your need to improve. But you need to know precisely where, in which topic or subject.

  • No quality study material: They provide you with study material for the sake of giving, which are not as per the demand of the exam.

  • Negativity, Self Doubt and Loneliness: You are surrounded by people who do not support you. Or you have noone to guide you. You feel lonely.

  • Not satisfied with your preparation: Your coaching or self-preparation is over, but you are not satisfied with your preparation.

Are you facing the same above issues?

Do not worry. RAYACADEMY Gurukul is with you.

What is RAYACADEMY Gurukul?

You get your personal mentor 'Guru' who will be your companion and give you the extra push needed for the exam. Your mentor will monitor your preparation and advise you accordingly. Your mentor will be with you 24x7 throughout the journey. Doubt clearance and subject-support classes.

1-on-1 Personal Mentor

You get a personalised study plan which suits you the best. You mentor will be there to motivate you so that you stick to the plan.

Personal Study Plan

Rigorous practice tests for Prelim and Main on weekly basis will be provided. This will make you ready for your final exam. Post-test detail performance analysis will be given so that you know exactly where to improve. Tests will be throughout the year in both online and offline. More than 15000+ questions are covered with proper analysis and feedback.

Rigorous Tests

Toppers and officers will be connected with you to  help you in your preparation.

Topper's Guidance


What will you get in Gurukul?

1-on-1 Mentorship

24/7 Support

Personalised study plan

Weekly Prelim & Mains Test

Practice of 15000+ questions

Toppers/Officers Guidance

Current Affairs Magazine

Study Material

Doubt clearance

Join Gurukul Now!

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Still have doubts?

Talk to us or visit our Bhubaneswar Campus

M: 7606024205 / 8984816650

Shreeram Plaza, Khandagiri Square, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India-751030

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