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Rayacademy IAS

Inspiring to Aspire

RAYACADEMY has been founded with a vision to make high-quality professional education and training available at the doorstep with the guidance and assistance of nationally acclaimed trainers and mentors who have achieved a benchmark in their fields by consistent success records.

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Our Story

My name is Sankar Ray, from the small town from the State of Odisha.

Considering the result of UPSC CSE of the last 05 years, the success rate of candidates from the state of Odisha comparing to other states is less than 0.67%. The numbers are not encouraging. Odisha is filled with capabilities, which if tapped in a sustainable and efficient manner, will deliver the never anticipated outcomes. It is encouraging to see that professional training has been deemed as extremely important in recent times to prepare our youth not only for cracking competitive examinations of different kinds but also for inculcating in them professional and employable skills. However, there is still lot to be done in this respect. What is true is that there is still a dearth of quality professional institutions in Odisha.

Most of the Civil Services coaching centres in our state are tucked away in small rooms in commercial centres. Most often these centres fail to provide good faculty. Sometimes, students are also not focused. In absence of good mentors in these centres, aspirants prepare without proper guidance. However, the fees are average in national standard. Instances are also not rare of fake coaching centres springing up and duping students. The need for good mentors to guide and groom the aspirants is urgently felt at present.

There is need to spread awareness about this lucrative career among youth in Odisha. Apart from lack of orientation, the training process also leaves much to be desired. As aspirants are not well informed about this stream, their preparation and dedication are not up to the mark. The general perception of students is that it is tough and difficult to crack. Actually there is no awareness among students and there is no one to inspire them and help them achieve their goal. Besides, there is very little study material at the disposal of students. Thus, a holistic approach is required in this regard so that a strong network could be established and good trainers, good training modules and expansive resource material may be organized both from within the states and outside.

WE, at Ray Academy, are committed to cater to the needs of the aspirants. Our team has studied the changing trends of civil services exam and prepared a training module that encompasses all the aspects of the curriculum of respective examination. Renowned faculty members from different corners of the country have been empaneled to have personal interaction with students.

Our Mission

Mission Inspire 100

RAYACADEMY is a socially committed mission-driven educational organisation with its mission of producing 100 civil servants [Inspire 100] in 5 years time period aiming to develop a ‘breed of new administrative leaders, who could act as change agents for transforming our state in social, economic and public administration fronts.

About Sankar Ray

He is an experienced accomplished professional with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry. Envisioning towards progressive nation-building, he has been a guiding light for many civil services aspirants.


Having more than 8 years of experience mentoring and teaching aspirants, Sankar has contributed in the success story of over 300 civil servants of both UPSC and State PSC including many of are top rankers. Apart from being a teacher, he has also served in many leadership positions in various reputed civil services institutions. Sankar has shared space as co-author of two editions of the book “Development of Northeast India - Beyond Bootstraps", along with many policy documents.

Passionate about teaching, with sound knowledge of subjects like Indian Polity, Political Science & International Relations, and a blend of his Personal Mentoring, advising, counselling aspirants of what works best to ace the toughest Civil Services examination, is what makes him unique and loved by over 10000 aspirants. He himself was a UPSC Civil Services aspirant, and have gone through the entire process several times.

Sankar Ray
Sankar Ray

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